David C. Bloom  -  Jazz

American Songbook  -  Cocktail Jazz
Big-Band Swing  -  Be-Bop Vocalise

"Their music was fun and engaging with
the audience, and they always brought in
a good crowd that supported the band and
our business."
_C.Lange, Back to the Roots


Audio: David:
  • 30 years a jazz singer
  • Performed with: Ear Force, Due North,
        The Obertones, GRaND MaL, MfM,
        Michigan Pops Choir, Naked Ace
  • Standards, ballads, and signature stylings
  • Club dates, concerts, and special events

Lounge Trio

Nathan Flanders, Piano
Jon Hammonds, Bass

David C. Bloom & Friends

Lori Minick, vocals
James Boyd, drums

Guest Vocalist

Jazz, Blues, Duets
A Walk-On or a Set